Noting the success of Wisconsin’s Best Beer Guide and Michigan’s Best Beer Guide, it only made sense to create a Minnesota’s Best Beer Guide to sort of finish off the trilogy of great Midwestern brewery meccas.

Here it is, a roadtrip guide to the breweries of Minnesota, the Land of Sky Blue Waters, where you can pack a cooler in the trunk and head off in search of some mighty fine brews, with nearly 100 breweries and brewpubs throughout the state.

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And like the Wisconsin beer guide, Minnesota’s Best Beer Guide also has the special offers corresponding to passport-style signatures pages in your book for when you visit each brewery.

Inside Minnesota’s Best Beer Guide you will find:

  • Listings for 99 breweries and brewpubs from the large-scale Schell’s and Summit all the way down to the tiny Borealis Fermentery up along the North Shore. From downtown Minneapolis to the gateway of the Boundary Waters.
  • Beer listings include directions, beer info, the story of the place and its brewer, food options, as well as Stumbling Distance: 2 or 3 places nearby that you shouldn’t miss if you’ve made the trip.
  • Special Offers: get your book signed at each participating brewery for beer discounts or trinkets
  • Related museums and tours, other important Minnesota attractions
  • Breweries reachable by bike trail or train
  • A short history of beer in Minnesota
  • Lots of little facts and explanations about beer, how it’s made, and even how to drink it (as if you didn’t know already)

Suitable for the beer curious or beer snobs alike, Minnesota’s Best Beer Guide will lead you on a pils-grimage to find all the Minnesota-made beer in its natural habitat. Watch this website for book signing information, or offers to order signed copies. (Or simply follow The Mad Traveler blog or Facebook page)

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