Inside the Book: Stealing Away #4

Sorting Things Out story by Kevin Revolinski

If 2020 taught me anything it was that staying informed is definitely important, but being glued to the news is not healthy either. “Sorting Things Out” is the story of a bookkeeper who starts following a horrible, unsettling local crime story. She tries to imagine the events based on the limited details of the newspaper stories and an old photograph of the victim. Her obsession starts to affect her own life and how she views it.

Inspiration for stories comes from anywhere you find it: I have followed news stories, picking up the daily paper (or loading the news site) daily in search of new developments. I have PDF copies of the newspaper stories that chronicle the tragic death of a great-grandfather nearly a century ago who went missing and his body remained unidentified for a few days. Each day’s edition revealed more details. It’s a macabre affair to follow such a story, but humans are curious and always want to know what happened and what happens next.

Stealing-Away-Sorting-Kevin Revolinski

The beer I found to pair with it is a Hazy IPA from Wisconsin’s Central Waters Brewing: Unsettled. Sometimes, like in the story, life shakes things up and things become unclear. This is a delicious beer and despite the suggestion in the name may help you settle back down after reading the story. It’s a bit tense at some points. Give it a read, ebook or paperback. Available in my Shop (signed) or via your local bookstore or any of these links below. At the bottom of the page, drop your email to keep up to date on my books and speaking events. (That includes outdoor guides and beer books!) Thanks for reading! K.

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