Inside the Book: Stealing Away #1

Pairing Beers with Short Stories

First up is #1 of 12, “Stealing Away,” the title track to the album you can say. Diane, a teenage girl being raised by a struggling single mom, decides to run off with her boyfriend who has got a “great” idea for how to fund their flight from a tired town in the middle of cornfields in Illinois. What she calls “fancy paper” is key to making their scam work. No spoilers here, but while the scheme itself is a (literal) trip, the relationship between mother and daughter is the real story here IMHO. The idea originally came to me a few years ago when I leapt into the 21st century, selling my ’97 Lumina, which you can see on the book cover, for 300 bucks.

Fancy Papers Hazy IPA is brewed by Cigar City, a Tampa-based brewery and one of Florida’s largest. “Fresh-cut grass and tangerine on the nose are complemented by white wine grape and bread-like aromas. Flavors of guava, melon, and lime leaf present themselves harmoniously with sauvignon blanc and bready malt flavors playing supporting roles.”

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