Pairing Brews & Short Stories

I had a special bottle of barrel-aged beer, and I’d promised a writing buddy that I’d save it until one of us finished our next book. My book Stealing Away came out this month. As promised, the bottle came out, and I shared it with Andy Ravenscroft and one of my editors, Karen Barrett-Wilt while socially distanced around an evening backyard bonfire.

From my Instagram account:
“Champagne to celebrate the book release? Nah, how about a 2016 bottle of Goose Island’s Bourbon County? Campfire tonight, sipping the reward with a couple Acknowledgment friends.”

Stealing Away book and beer bottle

Then it got me thinking. I am not the first to post beer & books; there are several neat folks online to follow on Instagram for that theme. But I love the idea and thought, why not pair a beer with each of the short stories in my new collection? I am a beer writer too, after all. Each post could also tease each story a bit. So there it is… over the next couple weeks or so, watch for beer recommendations and story illuminations. And if you haven’t purchased a paperback or e-book, whatya waiting for? Cheers!

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